Every second is new

Baba says, ‘this is a wonderful Drama’. Each second is different and yet, the whole drama repeats every cycle identically.

The knowledge of the Drama is usually the most difficult to understand and accept. Sometimes, we can tend to take it the wrong way and say rather lazily, ‘well, if drama repeats then why bother making effort? Whatever happened last time is just going to repeat anyway.’

Well, here’s the deal…while that is true that drama repeats, it is the wrong way to think about the present. As Baba says, every second is new and it is up to me to make it a good one, a memorable one. Sitting back with a, ‘who cares’ attitude is hardly memorable. Only after the second passes, is it Drama. Until then, it is the present and I hold the reins to it.

Do I want to make my Drama a memorable one for me and everyone else?

And if we had to take up the point of repetition too, it’s even more reason to pay attention to the present. If every scene is going to repeat identically, then I better pay attention and have fun in every scene, enjoy every scene, make the most of every scene. I want to ensure that what repeats is a good thing! I owe it to myself!

Baba says, the key to making my performance memorable is to simply remember who I am. When I play my part in the consciousness of a soul, I draw from my original, pure, divine qualities. When I forget who I am, I forget my part too and simply reflect other’s qualities back or try to play someone’s else part. Of course, I can’t do that and I inevitably fail, get disheartened and wonder what happened. I forgot….

It’s time to remember- who I am, who my Director is and what my part is. Every second on the canvas of time is a chance to paint a memory, let me make it a beautiful one, a reflection of the true me.

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