Don’t ask

Baba says, ‘don’t ask me for blessings’. A blessing is not something to ask for but rather something to make effort for.

When we come to Baba, we become the heirs to His inheritance – the knowledge and all the virtues and powers. He makes us belong to Him, He becomes our Father, Teacher and Guide. He is available to all His children equally, He teaches everyone the same lesson at the same time. He doesn’t give anyone special tuition or preference. He guides everyone based on the same set of rules.

And yet, despite so much sameness, we are all number-wise.

It depends on what we do with the inheritance and the unconditional access we have to God Himself. Baba says that each elevated version is worth a fortune- how are we investing it? Are we simply listening to the Murli through one ear and letting it out the other? Or are we applying each point of the knowledge in our lives? The more I use the knowledge, the more it grows, the richer I become.

How often do I speak to God in a day? Do I spend time with Him, observe Him, learn from Him? Do I take Him with me wherever I go and do everything with Him? In other words, how big of a part of my life is He? How much am I using Him?

In the world, there are many people with money but not everyone knows to invest, what to invest in etc. Some people squander away their wealth, their inheritance. Others hoard and don’t enjoy their wealth at all. A few invest and increase their wealth so they have more for their own enjoyment and to give to others.

Have I learnt to invest? using is investing, donating is investing, serving is investing. If I feel I have less of a particular trait (sanskar), let me make an effort to donate the little I have to others and I will find that it grows within me. Not enough patience, let me make the effort to be as patient as I can be in my next interaction and I’ll find that with each time my patience grows. Invest.

So Baba says, don’t ask me to bless. You already have everything I have. You are my child. Remember who you are, remember whom you belong to, and then use your incredible inheritance. That’s how you claim your blessing.

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