I am unique

Baba says, ‘body consciousness is the seed of all the vices’. Every behavior based on any vice is a result of the soul operating from body consciousness.

Baba says I come here to teach you- about who you are, about Me, about the secrets of the beginning, middle and end of the cycle. You have spent half the cycle in body consciousness and been sorrowful as a result. Now, it’s time to remember and return to the original state of the soul.

Am I ready to return home? Am I ready to be happy again?

The most prominent symptom of being in body consciousness is that I will compare. I forget that we are all very unique, part of an orchestra of musical instruments that are all different. It makes no sense to compare the violin to the drum or to judge which is better than the other. It literally makes no sense.

They are both integral to the orchestra and to the musical piece in which they both participate. They enter the piece at different moments, create a different sound and add their own uniqueness to the piece. And because they play together without comparing themselves to each other, they are able to play their parts well and the outcome is magic, something the audience treasures.

All they pay attention to is to the conductor of the orchestra, they watch and follow his direction. Our conductor is Baba, let me only pay attention to Him and play my part with grace. He does not view me as superior or inferior to anyone else, why am I? Again, it makes absolutely no sense. I am a unique instrument in the orchestra and He is counting on me to play it well.

Sometimes we confuse uniformity for unity. Baba does not require us to be uniform, so let me not try to be like someone else or require that anyone else be like me. Unity comes from purity of heart, it comes from being me, the real and pure me. The orchestra, by definition, has diversity of instruments and the unity is about that diversity coming together to create beauty and magic and joy.

Let me celebrate my uniqueness by remembering who I am and being true to myself. Let me also respect and celebrate others for what they bring – its going to be different, complex, unique. That’s the point.

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