No titles

Baba says, ‘ I have no need for a title’. When Baba comes to this world at the end of the iron age, it is pitch darkness – the darkness of ignorance that is. We have lost our way, are searching and stumbling looking for hope and rescue.

There are false gods, there are self-appointed gurus, there are sanyasis and priests that promise salvation, respite from problems, remedies for illnesses and anything else they can think of.

That’s what ignorance does – it drives hopelessness, fear and endless searching. And because we are so fearful and are willing to cling on just about anything that gives us even a glimmer of hope, we succumb, we do as the gurus and pundits say, we even give them titles – ‘Shri Shri…’, ‘His holiness…’, ‘Reverend…’ etc. etc.

There is however only one God. He is the granter of salvation to one and all, including the sanyasis and false gods. But very few recognize Him when He comes. Why? Because He comes in an ordinary body, no lightning or thunder, no celestial announcement, no procession. He comes quietly, ordinarily to look for His ordinary children.

That is the beauty and the greatness of God. He calls Himself our ‘Most Obedient Servant‘. Can I be that humble? or do I need a title?

He comes and tells us the Truth for the first time in a long time. He does not sugarcoat, He does not beat around the bush. He reminds us we were pure, divine souls and that we have to be that again. He is here to teach us and help show us the path to purity. That path is His remembrance. Yes, His mere remembrance purifies impure souls.

But despite His Almightiness, most souls choose to follow the false gods because they can be seen with the physical eyes, and frankly they put on a good show. Do you think that makes God insecure? Hey, how come I’m here and the fake ones get all the attention? How comes they have more like, more followers?

God comes and bestows His love and mercy on all. He comes to purify the whole world. He knows that His children are lost and tired. He teaches the few that recognize Him and asks them to reach out to their brothers and sisters and show them the way too. He doesn’t need applause, recognition or appreciation as a pre-requisite to serve. Baba says, I come because you call out to me. I am here to play my role in the Drama- to purify you and take you back home with me.

Titles don’t matter when I am secure in the knowledge of who I am and what I am here to do. The number of likes or follows don’t matter when I am here to serve. I come quietly, serve and leave quietly. It is also how angels are, they reflect the quality of God.

God’s not flashy, He’s not loud, He’s not here to put on a performance and gain fame. He is here because He is my Father and it’s time to go back home.

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