Become pure

Baba says, ‘don’t become impure.’ This is a big responsibility.

You have been impure for the last half of the cycle, now it is time to become pure and I have this one precious birth to do it. Purity is a pre-requisite to be able to go back home and then to come back to the golden age.

Baba says, you have to become pure now- you can do it by your own effort by following the Shrimat (Godly directions) or you’ll have to do it the hard way by experiencing punishment.

‘Become pure for my sake’, says Baba. Purity is the greatest service I can do to myself and the world. And only those that lend their whole selves to the task of world transformation is truly serviceable, says Baba. That means that not only do I not do any impure actions but I also don’t think impure thoughts or speak impure words. Onlu pure feelings and good wishes to EVERYBODY.

Baba has high standards but it also comes with high reward- world sovereignty. I have to be a self-sovereign to become a world sovereign or to create the new world. And there is very little good I can do if my thoughts, intention and attitude are not pure. Because that means that I am caught up in my own web of deceptions and comparisons, my own dramas. In other words, impurity stems from being body conscious.

And so Baba says, the only way to become pure is through remembrance. When I can remember who I am, whom I belong to and my aim, I operate from a place of complete purity and selflessness. That is service. That brings me peace and happiness.

Purity is the very first blessing we receive from Baba- ‘become pure, become a rajayogi’. It is a return to my essence, to the seed, to the beginning.

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