Service will create your stage

Baba says, ‘service will help create your stage’. The thing to remember is to never stop moving forward, no matter what.

Sometimes we can feel unsure about taking on a new challenge, more responsibility, a big task. We feel that we don’t have the qualifications or that our spiritual stage is not where we’d like it to be. Baba says I have to be like Him and that is my goal and yet, there is that big gap between my goal and reality. I start feeling that perhaps I’m not the best person for the job, for that task.

Baba says, ‘never doubt that you can do something because you feel that your stage is not there yet.’ Service will help create your stage. It’s the intention that will help carry you forward, He says. If my intention is to serve and it is from the heart, then I have the enthusiasm for it. Don’t let thoughts of self-doubt hold you back. But if your intention is not one of true service and instead, you’re just looking to get something done because you’ve been told or because it will look good on your resume, then it will not be successful.

Service is always from the heart and an honest heart always sees victory. It is guaranteed, says Baba. Come to think of it, it isn’t so much the outcome that defines success but rather the intention. If the intention is a pure one, I am already successful. Also Baba says, never forget who is with you. The mistake we make is we forget Baba when we most need Him because we get tensed and anxious. Keep Me combined with you, never feel alone, He says.

When I stop, move back or sit quiet because of self-doubt, I am being careless. That is Maya trying to keep me down, keep me from reaching my aim. Let me be wise enough to recognize her and charge forward. Yes, storms of doubt and anxiety WILL come. But if I can move through, I will become strong and gain confidence in myself. Storms come not to hold us back but to propel us forward. It’s hard but I can do it.

So let me stay strong, keep Baba with me and keep on moving forward.

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