The Living Seed

Baba says, ‘ I don’t have a teacher.’ God is the Highest on High. He doesn’t have a father, teacher or guru. He is that to His children.

He also knows the secrets of the Drama, our story- the beginning, middle and end. He understands how and why we fall as the cycle turns, He understands what we go through, feel. He understands happiness and sorrow and all the rest.

But how?

Considering that He doesn’t ever come into the cycle of birth and death, considering He is never born in this physical world, considering He never experiences anything in this world, how then does He know our story, understand even our deepest fear, our most subtle emotions?

Baba explains that He is the seed of the human tree. The seed has the knowledge of the whole tree. If a physical seed could speak, it would tell us about the tree that sprung out of it right from when it was a sapling to when it became a plant, to the tree. It would tell us what happens when the seasons turn, what the tree feels and doesn’t. But it can’t because it is not living i.e. it doesn’t have a soul.

Baba is a soul, the living seed of the human tree and He incarnates into the physical world during this time and speaks to His children- the roots, the trunk and the leaves of this unlimited tree. Each child has its own unique part – whether you are the root that provides nourishment to the whole tree, the trunk that gives it strength or the leaves that are the beauty and what give shade. Baba loves us all.

But at times, we forget who we are and whom we belong to. We seek co-operation, love, respect from each other, other leaves. We forget we belong to the seed and that if I can stay connected to the seed, if I co-operate with the seed, then the whole tree will co-operate with me. Rather than go to leaf after leaf, why not just go to the seed, the parent? Why not draw from the source so I can be filled with His strength, His qualities because when I am, I realize, I don’t need to seek anything from anyone.

So, let me not get caught up in the expansion or the extroversion of the tree- the roles, responsibilities, the status. But instead let me seek the essence or through introversion, connect with the seed and myself.

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