Is it effort first or fortune?

Baba asks, ‘does effort come first or fortune’? Do fortunate people have to make effort?

Sometimes, we look at the kids of the rich and famous and think, well- there’s someone who doesn’t ever need to work or make effort. He/she has all they could ever want. Is that true? Do they really have everything? Can I have a good character, a wise intellect, good relationships without effort? I might not need money but do I know to use it wisely without being swindled?

Baba gives us the inheritance of the golden age, He makes us the masters of the world and then we lose it all to the vices. By the time He comes again, we have completely lost our way, forgotten who we are and Him and have torn the world down.

He teaches us to make effort to win back our lost kingdom, the lost world.

The effort is to simply remember who I am and Him. When I do that, I touch base with my original qualities, draw on my spiritual power and transform the world. But it does require making effort. Yes, I am fortunate, the Fortune Maker Himself if my Father and He gives me the inheritance but I have to make effort to know how to use it. It’s like I’ve been handed a chest full of treasures but I have to learn how to turn the key in the lock.

Sure, we can say, ‘with time, I’ll learn’. But in that case, time is my teacher, not God. When time teaches, I don’t gain any power, I am forced to learn the lesson the hard way. But when I do something when God tells me to, I am making the effort and so I gain confidence and power when I get it done- whether it is changing a sanskar, learning a new skill, whatever.

Effort always comes before fortune. I need to make effort to learn to use the fortune or to even be able to appreciate fully the fortune I have. I have God helping me make effort. He says, only listen to Me. Don’t listen to the voices of the old world and get tangled up in the old ways where you are constantly chasing after shadows. Remember Me and in that silence, learn to listen to that voice within you.

That’s the effort and then you’ll know exactly what to do.

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