Childlike, not childish

Baba says, ‘come out of behaving in a childish manner’. Baba also says, ‘you are my child, don’t ever forget your days of childhood’. So what’s wrong with being childish?

There is a difference between being childish and childlike.

Childlike is when we walk through the world, through our day with wide-eyed wonder, curious and energized. Baba says, ‘you are my helpers in the creation of the new world‘. He reminds us of who we are- pure, divine beings! He reminds us of the our incredible inheritance, of the new world, of how things were! He tells us the story of the cycle- the beginning, middle and end! Can I see it yet? Am I able to, so to speak, touch it with my intellect? Am I able to remember and truly see myself in that world? There is so much to be amazed about, to dream about.

Baba also speaks to us daily as our Teacher, He is available to us as our Father, as our Friend. Do I spend time talking with Him about the wonders of the new world? Talking about the wonders, how about the wonder of the confluence age where I meet God Himself! I get to play my part beside Him, as His companion in the task of world transformation. Wow! My Father is the Fortune-Maker Himself, my destiny is golden and guaranteed!

Wow! my fortune, wow! Baba, wow! this Drama. That is child-like and Baba is all about that, He encourages that.

Childish, on the other hand, is when I forget who I am and what I have and become body conscious. Then I don’t see the wonder but rather get busy with tantrums- ‘I don’t like this’, ‘this is not fair’, ‘the world is not fair’ etc. etc. I become fearful, ungrateful, greedy, competitive, frustrated….and then inevitably, disheartened. Doesn’t help me or anyone else. I need to wake up, really listen to what Baba is telling me about me and realize it. Then, I start to experience being His child and return to my childlike wonder and amazement.

Spiritual maturity involves being childlike, not childish.

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