God, my Companion

Baba says, ‘make Me your Companion’. A companion is more important than company.

We are in the company of different people throughout the day- at home, at work, outside. But we don’t consider them our companions. A companion is someone significantly more important- he/she is someone we feel we belong to and who belongs to us. Someone we confide in, someone we look to for advice, to listen to us or to simply be with. He/she makes us feel safe and taken care of. We can be ourselves with that someone.

Baba becomes our Companion, He promises to always be there even when we turn and walk away sometimes. He is there to pick up the pieces, to listen, to hold my hand, to reassure. He never says, ‘I told you so’, He never judges, He’s just there as love in the room.

He says, take my Hand and you’ll never feel alone. Walk with me, hand in hand, in the spiritual garden. Baba’s hand of course is His shrimat (instructions) and when I live by them, I experience walking beside Him. Sometimes, we are tempted to let go and take control into our own hands- we feel He isn’t seeing what I’m seeing, we think He’s missing the point and that we have to do something. I forget whose hand I am holding! He’s God, let me always remember that and know that He knows. Let me trust Him and hold tightly as He takes me in His boat over the tumultuous waves. Yes, He says, the boat of truth will shake but shall never sink. Have faith…

My Companion is eternal, faithful and loyal. He will never leave me, let me always know that deeply and remind myself of that daily. He is truth, He is constant. His love is pure- not good or better, but pure. It needs nothing, expects nothing, just is.

All He asks is that I never let go of His hand, the rest is His responsibility.

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