Science or silence?

Baba says, ‘the soul is the fastest rocket‘. It only takes a second, a thought to travel to wherever you want.

Today, people with an ego of science are making efforts to go to the moon, to other planets because they believe there might be life there. They of course need to take numerous precautions, put their lives in danger to make that commute, not to mention, spend a huge amount of money.

Baba categorically says, there is no life anywhere else. This is the only physical world, this is where the Drama happens. And so after all that danger and expenditure, they will find nothing of value. But we who travel with our thoughts, with our intellect, can reach far beyond the sun, the moon and the stars. We can touch base with our home- the soul world. There we experience a peace and calm that can come only when one is at home. And what’s even better, we can go as many times as we want! It’s completely free of charge.

Baba says therefore, the power of silence is so much greater than the power of science. Nothing wrong with science- it has given us many comforts, ways to connect, learn etc. but Baba reminds us to use those gifts towards our own spiritual growth, they are a means to a higher purpose, not the purpose itself. In other words, don’t be dependent or attached to them, don’t identify with those achievements, that’s not who I am. I am a soul, a child of God, a divine being.

Beware of the pomp of Maya (illusion). She seduces us with shiny objects, gets us to chase after mirages, keeps us busy with trying to prove ourselves through our accomplishments, has us compare our prowess with that of others and judge. That’s not who we are – she makes us forget.

And so the trick is to always touch base with my truth, with my Father, with my task. In other words, always remember who I am.

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