Take your medicine

Baba is the eternal Herbalist, the Doctor. He comes to give medicine to His sick children.

When Baba comes, we are very sick. We’ve become impure, made each other impure by spreading our germs of the vices- anger, greed, attachment, jealousy and all the rest. The sickness within the soul has impacted our bodies too and made it weak such that any little thing can affect it.

He comes to find us so overwhelmed by it all and hears us running from temple to church to synagogue, to gurus and pundits for a little ‘peace of mind’. But in the end, we remain as sorrowful, as peaceless as we were before. What are we doing wrong?

Baba comes and reminds us who we are- a pure, divine soul and that peace is in fact the innate religion of the soul. It’s within us and here we were looking for it everywhere else. He gives us the knowledge of the beginning, middle and end of the cycle. He reminds us of how happy we were, how free we were and assures us that He is here to make us that again.

Simply remember that you are a soul and then remember Me. That is the medicinal herb that will cure all your ills, He says.

When we forget our very identities, we don’t know how to think or be. He gives us our daily dosage of knowledge, asks us to exercise by churning the knowledge. That will ensure you always remember. Then you will get stronger so that it becomes harder to forget and remembrance will become natural. But to get to that stage, I need to be disciplined and remember to take my medicine daily, do my exercise.

Sometimes, like in the case of certain medicines, the symptoms get worse before they get better. I might comes face to face with sanskars or traits that I didn’t even know I had. I might uncover some dark corners, some tumors, some defects that I thought only others had but see them within myself. It might hurt, feel painful. That’s okay, that’s part of the process.

First I need to become aware, then realize why something is a tumor or bad for me to then decide that I don’t want it anymore. So, let me not be afraid of the darkness, let me be wise enough to not reject myself, but instead allow Baba to perform His surgery to remove the tumors, the unwanted. All I need to do is show up and be a good patient.

Trust Him, be sure to take your medicine. It’s going to be okay.

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