Remember all three relationships

Baba is the Father, Teacher and Satguru. When I remember Him, it is important to remember that He is all three.

Sometimes, we can take God for granted. He is my Father, I play around with Him. I might listen to Him, I might not. I might think, what is to do? I have accepted Baba, He is my Father, end of story.


He is my Father, yes. But He is also my Teacher. He teaches me about who I am – a divine, pure soul. He reminds me that I was once the master of the world and then lost my entire inheritance to the vices. It is now time to return to my original state and reclaim my kingdom.

So, pay attention. Don’t miss the daily teaching, His Murli. Sometimes, we think ‘well, it’s okay to miss a day here or there. We have lives, we are busy’. And we don’t even think twice about it. I love Baba, He’s my dad, He understands….

But He is also my Guru. He guides me at every step, tells me what to do and what not to do. How to be, how not to be. Let me follow His guidance remembering this is God guiding me as my Guru. Let me not mix in the dictates of my own mind and do what I think is right.

God comes to me in all three relationships. I am not just His child but also His student and follower. Let me not make the mistake of just being His child but miss His teachings and His guidance and then wonder why things aren’t working out, why I don’t feel happy, why I am no better than when I came to Baba. Sometimes, we even blame Him and think He betrayed us, ‘I became your child and yet, you didn’t help me’. Well, He was teaching me, He was guiding me, was I listening? or was i simply interested in being pampered by my Dad?

Let me understand this secret of the three relationships and learn to embrace all three. Let me not make the mistake of taking Him for granted.

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