Call Him

Baba asks, ‘do you remember Me?’

This is the confluence age- the auspicious time when God comes to this physical world to meet His children. Not just any children, but His long lost and now found children. So how much is His love for us? Do I experience it?

Sometimes, we understand God’s love intellectually, we accept what He says about us intellectually but it doesn’t come into our experience. That is because we can get so caught up in our day to day that we forget to exercise our mind by taking just a few minutes throughout the day to remember. We have busy lives but within our days, we do have spaces where we can remember who we are, and that we are with God. Do I call Him using the phone of my intellect during the day? It’s an easy number to remember, in fact, it’s one thought – ‘Father’ or ‘Baba’ – and there He is. His line is never busy, He’s always available, waiting in fact to talk to me.

He tries to call me He says but finds that my line is usually busy. I was thinking about my job, my family, my to-dos, what he said, what she said, the state of the world, etc. etc. that is so important to us. How big a part of my life is He?

The more I remember, the more time I spend with God, the bigger the influence He has on me.

Baba tells me that I am a soul, His child. How long I am able to stay in the consciousness of being a soul? In the confluence age, God is here with me, He is combined with me. No one can separate us, He says. But I can connect with Him only when I am soul conscious. That clears up the line of my intellect by allowing me to rise above the mundane and the petty.

Then, I can hear Him talking to me, telling me how much He loves me, reminding me of my specialties, telling me how to address a situation I hadn’t even told Him about yet. He says, you’ve been thinking for a long time, now let me carry your burden. Simply keep the line of your intellect clear. When you do that, you can catch what I say.

Sometimes we think that we are inconveniencing God, we think He has better things to do than to talk to us, spend time with us. Well guess what! You are His biggest priority, whatever is yours- your worries, your problems, your everything is His. Let Him guide you. He wants to spend time with you, will you let Him?

This is the age of celebrating the meeting with God Himself. Let me not miss it by being busy with my own little dramas, analysis, debates. Let me soak in His company, learn from Him and experience what is the only pure and true love.

Just call Him, dial Baba. He’s waiting…

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