He only loves

Baba says, ‘ I can never hurt my own children’. When things go wrong, we often blame God. Is He really to blame?

In the physical world, when a child is sick, the parents leave no stone unturned to take care of the child. They take the child to the best doctor, give them the best food, make sure they are comfortable. Some parents even stay next to the child all day and night to ensure their every need is taken care of.

Next when the child is old enough for an education, the parents ensure they have access to the best schools- they’ve been saving up just for this day.

All in all, the single objective of the parent is to protect their child, ensure they have the best of everything. The child means the world to them, nothing or no one is good enough. If they could afford to, they’d have the world at their feet.

Sometimes, the child grows up to be a not so grateful adult and they might insult their parents, even dismiss them forgetting all the sacrifices the parents made for them. And yet, the parents forgive – that’s what parents are made of. ‘It’s my child at the end of the day. He’ll realize his mistake…’

If ordinary souls can be this loving, how loving might God be? Do we really believe that He is capable of hurting His children?

When a child is sick, we say, ‘God, why are you doing this?’, when someone is hurt or in the hospital, or when a relationship sours, there is a divorce or even when there is a natural calamity, a war, an attack…you name it. Anything wrong, we look to God and question Him- ‘why is this happening? why aren’t you doing something?’ how can you let this happen? why did you take my child away?’

God has nothing to do with any of it. We create the hell or heaven we live in.

He is the Ocean of Love, the Ocean of Knowledge, The Purifier. He comes to remind us of who we are, our original qualities and our inheritance. He tells us the secrets of the cycle and the difference between virtuous action and vicious action. Then it’s up to us what we do and then we bear the consequence accordingly. When we falter, He is right there to pick us up and coach us again. He never tires as a Father or as our Teacher. His remembrance purifies the impure, fills the soul with strength and power to face life’s many challenges.

Every soul is here to play their part in the Drama. While the Director can teach and guide, He cannot act out my part. The Teacher cannot take the exam on my behalf. Only I can play my part and depending on my actions, I see the results- sometimes immediately, sometimes a little later, sometimes much later (maybe in a different life).

The more important thing though is the present moment which will determine my future. How do I want to think and be in this moment? If I think negative, I will act negative, bitterness begets bitterness. Let me realize the workings of the Drama and transform my thoughts and my actions. Baba says, ‘let the past be the past, put a full stop’. With knowledge and Baba’s help, I have an opportunity to change course.

So let me not blame God, the only One who loves me unconditionally, purely and always. He never hurts His children…in fact, He comes to remind us of the rules and the code of conduct such that we stop hurting ourselves. He comes to remind us that we are His children, that we belong to Him, that we are not alone. He cannot bear to see us wandering, calling out, begging, arguing and fearing.

Let me listen, let me realize and transform. It’s not Him. He’s here to help, it’s up to me.

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