Make the right effort

Baba says, ‘you are an intense effort-maker’. But what is intense effort?

When we come to Baba, He reminds us who we are – that we are originally pure, divine beings that have lost our inheritance over the course of many lives to the vices. And the process to re-claim the inheritance, Baba says, is to transform ourselves from our current state to our original divinity, which is to become humans with divine qualities.

That requires effort, intense effort and that means being able to apply the points of knowledge Baba gives us every day in our practical life. But even to be able to do that, the foundation is remembrance. It is learning to re-connect with my our true self in silence and then connecting with the Supreme, it means re-charging my battery by connecting with the powerhouse. Once I do that, I gain enough strength to apply the appropriate point of knowledge no matter what situation comes my way.

Baba often says, knowledge is the foundation for remembrance (I need to know what to remember and why) but remembrance is what fills us with might. I need both to thrive.

But often times, our effort tends to be circular. We see our defect but we find it too hard to apply the point of knowledge. For example, when someone insults me, its too hard to see them as a pure soul playing their part in the Drama, its difficult to let go and move on. We feel the urge to react and we succumb to it. That shows a lack of strength in me that I need to build up and I can only do that through the practice of reconnecting with myself and with the Supreme.

It only comes with a LOT of practice, not through workshops or seminars or reading…but practice. Its a HARD practice but one that bears the ultimate reward in my spiritual journey.

Through practice, I learn to control my mind which is to say, the quality and quantity of my thoughts and therefore my feelings and therefore my actions. Without the practice, my effort will feel more like a battle inside- I want to behave differently but am unable to and so I constantly battle with myself. That is exhausting, will burn me out and worse, I will lose interest in the knowledge and the spiritual path altogether. Contrarily, when I see results, I want to learn more, do more.

And that’s what true effort is really – its ascending as opposed to circular. I see something and I have the power to change it. I move forward. So rather than attend workshops on stress management or patience or positive thinking – the list is endless, let me spend the time simply practicing remembrance by touching base with my original self and with God and draw the power that will allow me to respond to any situation with grace and wisdom.

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