I am free

Baba tells us, ‘you are free’. Is that how we feel?

Growing up, our parents taught us how to be, then we met our teachers and religious leaders and they told us how to be. Next we met our friends, then our spouse, our boss and they told us about their preferences. We’ve been conditioned all our life.

It’s time to pause and think.

Baba comes as the Liberator. He liberates us from the jail of the vices, of the religions, of the gurus and all the others. He comes to tell us the truth about ourselves- that I am not my role- whether daughter, wife, friend, employee- but rather a pure, divine being. We were in a different reality at the beginning of the cycle when we were free. Then with birth after birth, we lost our consciousness of being a soul, we forgot and began to think of ourselves as the body and therefore the roles.

We got caught up in the web of deception where we thought we were as good as what others thought of us. That we are as good as our grades, our bank balance, our job, our appearance, the size of our home, how ‘perfect’ our family is etc. We spent our time pleasing others to win their approval, to belong, to fit in.

And then we came to Baba and even then we constantly try to ‘win’ His love, His approval. Baba says, ‘its not what you have to do, its who you have to be…and that is yourself’.

This journey is about returning to my original, authentic self. This journey is about breaking off the shackles and being free again. This journey is about acceptance of myself and others for who we are – children of God. This journey is about respecting myself again.

‘Remember’, Baba says. Remember who you are and free yourself from the cage you have put yourself in. It is like the bird in the cage with the door open and yet refuses to fly away. It is scared of what might happen – the wind, the vast skies, will it find food…

But birds are meant to fly, not live in cages and we are meant to be free, be ourself. Baba says, are you sheep or lambs to follow the herd? You have your own mind, don’t you? Judge for yourself what is right and wrong and do what your heart says is true. Learn to listen to that still voice within. It will guide you. Don’t be afraid of the vast skies and the wind, you will like feeling the wind underneath your wings. Don’t underestimate yourself and tie yourself down based on what ifs or other people’s opinions.

You are your own person, unique with gifts that only you can bring to the world. Flap those wings, create a whole new world, the one you’d want to live in.

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