Change my to yours

Baba says, ‘you are carefree emperors’. Am I?

Am emperor is someone who has responsibility for the entire kingdom- the people, the assets, the policies..everything. Can an emperor be carefree? Baba says that in fact, you can serve ONLY if you are carefree.

Most of us have forgotten what carefree means. We have so much to do, take care of and the world doesn’t make it easy on us. We are therefore anything but carefree, constantly worrying and anxious. The irony though is that we are limiting our ability to manage crisis, to think clearly when we are worried and anxious. We are depleting our precious reservoir of energy really fast when we worry. In other words, we are sabotaging ourselves.

Baba says, you’ve been worrying for the last half of the cycle. Give me your burdens. He suggests a simple method to do that- simply change ‘my‘ to ‘yours.

That means I need to stop thinking of anything as mine even as I perform my duties. For example, it is not my family, my job, my project- its Baba’s. I simply need to fulfill my duties and then let Him take care of His family, His service task. I have to stop identifying with the success or failure of His tasks. He knows what He needs from each of them, let Him own it. I simply need to do my bit and let go.

When I refuse to let go, I am disrespecting God. I called Him here, He is here now and wants to shoulder my responsibilities, let me allow Him. And no, I will not be inconveniencing Him at all. He is here especially for me, to be part of my life, He WANTS to help!

The greater my responsibility, the lighter I need to be. The thoughts of ‘should I do it or not’ and ‘will I be able to do it’ etc. weigh me down. So when they come, don’t engage. Let me remember, this is a partnership, I am not alone.

Baba says, ‘fly’. Hard to do when I am carrying heavy burdens all the time. But indeed, flying is the greatest service I can do for myself and the world. Its what angels do. They are light, unattached to outcomes, not burdened by limited desires and because of that they are able to serve, become helpers of God. They simply do what they need to and leave. They have no expectations for applause nor do they worry about failure.

At this time in the cycle, it is my duty to remain light, not let situations or people affect my stage and make me fluctuate. It is my duty to be a carefree emperor knowing that God is responsible and that everything that is ‘mine’ is His.

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