Remember throughout the day

Baba says, ‘remember Me throughout the day’. Many of us remember God as if it is another chore we have to do during the day and then wonder why we don’t experience His presence.

For half the cycle, we call out to Baba to come and rescue us..from sorrow, from pain, from isolation. He is here now, but are we too busy, too entangled to pay attention?

Most of us follow the itinerary and wake up in the morning to meditate and we feel really good but then as we go through the rest of our day, we notice that the energy doesn’t stay with us. We see ourselves get angry, frustrated, irritated, impatient, disappointed and all the other things we feel. And that is because we think remembrance is only restricted to the 30mins we spend each morning.

Spirituality is not a concept, it is an attitude. And meditation is not a chore, it is a lifestyle. Meditation is essentially remembering who I am, whom I belong to and what I am here to do. And that is something I do naturally throughout the day just as I remember my loved ones throughout the day- its not something I have to make an effort for, I just remember. If I can remember humans so naturally, how much more should I remember the ONLY One who loves me unconditionally, purely and limitlessly?

Do I do traffic control or do I let my mind run wild through the day? Traffic control is where I take 1 minute every hour to hit pause to check on the quality of my thoughts, my attitude, my intention and re-calibrate. Its when I re-connect with my Father, my Companion..give Him a call which is to say, I remember. He’s just a thought away and He waits for us to talk to Him. That 1 minute instantly shifts perspective, moves us into gear to take on the next hour.

The more I practice this, the more natural remembrance becomes where I no longer have to be reminded, I just do. And so if I have to set a reminder in my calendar, a chime on my phone to remind me to take that minute…then, let me. Its an investment that will pay high dividends in helping keep my energy up, my attitude positive and help me enjoy my journey.

The quality of my remembrance through the day also greatly affects the quality of my morning sit-down meditation. If I don’t have a quality day and have allowed my mind to run away and my environment to affect me, then those are the thoughts and feelings I will carry into the meditation as well. I will find it hard to concentrate as thoughts keep interrupting, as feelings keep emerging.

Another practice that helps is to keep a chart or a journal that I write in at the end of the day just before going to bed. How did I do today? Did I have a ‘good’ day? what was the quality of my thoughts, words and actions. Did I remember? What can I do better tomorrow? That helps me hold myself accountable and motivates me to do better the next day. It also helps me close the ‘books’, so to speak, for that day and start the next one with a clean slate- there’s no baggage since I’ve examined it already.

My relationship with myself and God are the most important. Its what gives me- the soul- breath. Let me give it the time and attention it needs and really cultivate it. When I do, I’ll discover myself showing up as a very different individual – full of zeal and enthusiasm to take on all that life has to offer.

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