Learn to be happy

Baba says, ‘there is no bigger nourishment than happiness’. It is along with purity, the pre-requisite to being part of the Golden Age. Do we know to be happy?

Baba comes to create a new world, well actually, He comes to recreate the world that He had originally created and left us with. He comes to remind us of it, our lost inheritance, and show us the path to reclaim it.

He reminds us that the world originally was a beautiful place – not just in terms of landscape but in terms of the atmosphere. He says that the human beings then were pure, peaceful, happy and prosperous. Sorrow was not even a concept. It was a land where everyone respected everyone else and nature rejoiced and poured forth her bounty. It was a ‘Golden Age’.

To claim that world back, we have to once again become that kind of human beings, which is not a new to us, reminds Baba. It is a return to our original self, our true self. We have it within us, we just have to access it again. We do that through meditation, through introspection, through remembrance really.

And the barometer to measure if we are indeed headed in that direction, because it is not a flip of a switch but rather a journey, is our degree of happiness. If I am headed in the way of being a Golden Aged soul, I will find myself feeling lighter as I shed my many layers of conditioning, my many wrong and self-destructive beliefs, incorrect expectations of myself and others, labels etc. and it will make me happier inside which will manifest itself as a smile on my face and confidence.

If I am not happy, if I am still battling, if I am still feeling weighed down, then its an indicator to check what wrong belief/desire/expectation I might be holding on to. I have to learn to be happy here in the midst of the unhappiness, the sorrow, the pain, the sorrow just as I must become pure while living in the midst of impurity. I cannot remain caught up in the old world, remain (therefore inevitably) sorrowful and think that I will wake up one day in the new world and be happy. It doesn’t work that way.

Happiness and purity are sanskars (behaviors or traits) that I carry within myself, the soul. If they are not cultivated, if they are not emerged and learnt, so to speak, they will not magically appear at another time. Its like a CD or a tape that has songs recorded on it. Right now, they are mostly sad songs with one or two happy ones on there. Unless I record happy songs on top of the CD i.e. rewrite it, its not going to appear on its own. I have to put it there.

Let me pay attention to the CD of my soul and check what kind of songs are playing right now. Let me shed what I need to shed such that the CD is being constantly rewritten with new, happy songs- not superficial happiness, but happiness that is a result of real and deep transformation.

Time is of the essence. This Confluence Age is the only time in the entire cycle where we are aware the CD and record on it what we want. And what’s even better, we have at our service, the Master Director Himself to guide us on this path to happiness. Let me use His services and rewrite my CD, let me usher in the Golden Age.

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