Create your own destiny

Baba calls His children ‘lucky stars’. Lucky stars are souls that can claim unlimited fortune. Its up to you, Baba says.

Often times, when things don’t go our way, we throw our hands up and say something like, ‘its just my luck or its my destiny’ as if it is not up to me, conveying a sense of hopelessness and helplessness.

Baba dismisses that and empowers us with the knowledge that in fact, my destiny is entirely up to me. His knowledge is my source of income. If I pay attention to the knowledge He gives me and apply it in my life, which is to say, I invest my income wisely, then I cannot go wrong. Yes, it may sometimes seem that way because we were expecting purple and we got green. But that’s because we can only see the now, not the future. If we reflect, there are many occasions we can all think of when we’ve looked back and thought, ‘phew! glad that didn’t work out the way I had hoped because if it had, I wouldn’t have been able to do what I am doing now, wouldn’t have met this person or would have got entangled in that mess etc.’

Baba assures us, if we follow Him, we can NEVER incur a loss, only profits.

The secret sauce is faith. It is said that a faith filled intellect leads to victory. Many of us hear the knowledge, we think its good and elevated but when faced with a tough situation that calls for courage, for taking the high road, for standing up, we succumb to the easy way. We think we’ll rub important people the wrong way, we think we’ll never be able to find another job like this again, we justify our ways by saying ‘this is how the real world works’ or ‘everyone has to compromise’ etc. We even delude ourselves into believing that we are doing this ‘for my family’. We give ourselves a pat on the back for being ‘responsible’.

Each time I go against my conscience- the wisdom of the soul, its voice becomes dimmer and dimmer until I can no longer hear it and then my acquired way of doing things becomes natural to me. My choice might seem like a good deal at the time but that’s short sighted to say the least. In the context of the full cycle, that is likely the worst thing I can do to myself. Killing my inner voice sets me up for defeat because I will lack the power to discern right from wrong, therefore make bad judgments, develop low self-respect and insecurity leading inevitably to sorrow, disappointment for the rest of the cycle.

God comes to show us the mirror, show us who we originally were – pure divine beings and what we have now become. He comes to help us make things right again, teach us to stand up for ourselves, for our world. But we have to listen, do as He says, reawaken that inner voice that may be down to a whisper from birth after birth of conditioning and silencing.

If I can do it, I start to make very different investments, respect myself more as a result, feel secure and confident and empowered to face anything that comes my way. I learn to trust myself, my Father’s companionship and this benevolent time.

In other words, I take control of my own narrative and create my own, very elevated destiny.

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