Peace is a journey from many to one

Baba says that true peace can only come when ‘many’ changes to ‘One’. Today we have so many choices in pretty much every aspect of our lives. Has it helped?

When Baba comes to this world, there are so many ‘gods’ and so many beliefs about what God does, who He is. The first thing Baba does when He comes is give us His true introduction. No one can know Him as He truly is unless He comes and tells us Himself. And so He does. He assures us that there is only One God and that no human can ever be called God. He is incorporeal.

Something else Baba does when He comes is tell us the truth about ourselves. He gives us our own introduction which we had forgotten, again due to being lost in the many labels and identities we had come to assume. ‘I am an Indian or American or Australian’, ‘I am male or female’, ‘I am a mother or father or sister or brother’, ‘I am an engineer or doctor or lawyer’, ‘I am white or black or brown or yellow’, ‘I am short or tall’, ‘I am rich or poor’, ‘I am Hindu or Muslim or Christian’ and so many more. I have so many labels, I no longer know who I am really. And the moment even one of those labels is threatened, my entire identity shakes. And so the more labels I have, the more vulnerable I am, the more fearful I am of it being taken away from me.

But that’s not all! We also have to deal with ‘good’ and ‘bad’. Our parents set rules, our teachers set rules, religious leaders set rules, the boss set rules. And I have to constantly calibrate myself based on the context as to whether I am being good or bad.

Lost in the chaos of the many, I find myself thinking constantly about various things at a break neck speed, oscillating between feelings of high and low, extremes of happiness and sorrow, swinging between a hundred different moods every day. It is therefore no wonder that I lack peace of mind. I am so drained from all the ‘many’ness, all I want is ‘one’ness. I want for someone to tell me the truth, so I can experience true peace. And so God does.

For true peace of mind, God says, I have to die alive from the ‘many’ – all the labels, the variety, the opinions. Dying alive is to let go the masks. Its recognizing how false, deceptive, unnecessary and therefore wasteful our way of life has been.

True peace of mind comes from realizing and experiencing who I really am. That comes through meditation. Most people say that the aim of meditation is to find peace. Baba tells us that the aim of meditation is to remember who I am truly. Its letting go of the useless and focusing on just that one thought of ‘who am I’. Finding the answer is not an overnight thing but rather a journey. The answer then automatically yields me self-respect, calm, contentment and the feeling of peace.

I start to see, as I realize who I am, the deceit of body consciousness, how it cheats me out of my peace and happiness, how it pushes me away from my true self and toward the many false disguises. That realization leads to a deep transformation and a permanence of my staying connected to the true me.

At first, it is hard. We sit for meditation and the jungle of thoughts invade our concentration and the stories and narratives that go on in our mind take over. But when I persevere, I find that slowly the waste falls away and I reconnect with my authentic self. So let me not give up but rather take the knowledge that Baba has given me about who I am and turn that knowledge into a feeling and an experience.

Peace doesn’t come from marching the streets demanding it, it comes from each one of us becoming peaceful within. For that, we have to let go of the many and focus on the one.

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