Remember rather than forget

Baba says, ‘remember your home and your inheritance‘. Is it easy to forget the old ways of this old world? During the second half the cycle, we’ve acquired many different habits, rituals that have become deeply ingrained in our psyche. But nothing can be as deeply ingrained as the memory of my own home- the land of sweet silence and of the land of truth and happiness – my inheritance for the first half of the cycle.

Remember the good, that will help forget the bad. When I try to forget the old ways, overcome my defects by focusing on them, that can feel hammering and even disheartening. Instead, Baba recommends, simply focus on remembering your original sanskars (traits), the ways of the new world which is your inheritance. Instead of trying to drown out the noise of waste and negative thoughts simply remember your sweet silence home. That will make you peaceful.

This is a game of remembering and forgetting. When I remember my home and my inheritance, I come into the awareness of being a soul and not just any soul but a divine soul – non-violent, peaceful, completely pure, completely viceless. The longer I stay in this awareness, the better I feel given it is what is natural to the soul. When I forget, I fall back into the awareness of being a body and that entangles me into bodily religions, labels, fears, ups and downs and all the rest. The longer I stay in this awareness, the more restless and anxious I feel given it is what is unnatural to the soul.

Baba says, practice remembering the real rather than battle the false. Its like a glass of water that is now dirty. Rather than pour out the dirty, simply place the glass under a tap of clean water. As the clean water falls into the cup, it eventually pushes out the dirty.

Baba has come to create the new world. He cannot do it with us – His companions, His helpers. The way we help Him create the new world is by creating and sustaining the right awareness – for what is the world but a reflection of our own awareness.

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