Refresh yourself

Baba says, ‘I come to refresh you children’. After half a cycle of bhakti (devotion) and wandering in the dark, we are tired. Baba refreshes us with the truth.

Baba comes and gives us His own introduction, reminds us of who we are and explains to us the beginning, middle and end of the cycle. This knowledge of the Creator and His creation can only be given by the Creator Himself. As He reveals this truth, it refreshes my intellect by clearing away the cobwebs of misunderstandings, confusion and blind faith.

His remembrance refreshes the soul as well. Even one minute of true remembrance can fill the soul with might and courage. I am able to see my original true self and touch base with my own destiny. That gives me enormous confidence and self-respect. I realize true from false and make the effort to reveal the truth to the world.

The realization that I am not alone, that I belong to God, that I am His child refreshes the soul, heals and removes the tiredness of half the cycle. I no longer have to search, wander, beg, cry out, please, impress and fight for my place in the world. I find purpose and meaning, I learn to value my existence and serve through it.

Many people take vacations in remote locations to escape the day to day, the information overload, the noise and find peace. Baba says, ‘they don’t offer true refreshment’. In other words, they don’t offer the light and might to the soul to help it address the very root of peacelessness – the lack of understanding of who I am, whom I belong to and why I am here. The same is true for devotion or worship – we do it without the understanding of the Creator and His creation. We do it without relationship, we do it based on blind faith.

So while they may offer temporary satisfaction or a sense of calm, it does not transform the soul. Only God’s love is the alchemy that can heal and transform. He is my true refreshment.

Let me reach out, refresh and rejuvenate myself. Its a vacation I can take any time, any place and what’s more, its free. So go ahead, take those vacations and take them often.

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