Transform knowledge into power

Baba says, ‘knowledge is light and might’. He comes at this auspicious Confluence age to give us His introduction and our own introduction. That knowledge is the light that dispels the darkness of ignorance. It helps answer the eternal question of ‘who am I’ and ‘what am I here to do’. Based on that realization, I understand the difference between useful and waste, positive and negative, right and wrong – thoughts, words, attitudes, behaviors.

I understand – that is light. But do I convert it into might?

Many of us are good at understanding the knowledge, we even teach the knowledge but how good are we at experiencing the knowledge? In other words, how good are we at applying the right point of knowledge at the right time in practical life?

Unless I use the knowledge, it simply stays in the intellect. Yes, it shines the light where there once was darkness but it is a lot more useful if I can convert that light into power or might. For example, we know that it serves no one well to hold a grudge. Yet, when we see someone with whom we had a conflict even years later, it kicks off a fast and furious chain of waste thoughts in our mind. We justify it with, ‘but what they did was just too big, that’s just inexcusable’. We know anger is a vice that makes a bad situation worse and yet when there is a trigger, we react and justify it with, ‘but you should have heard what she said, there is a limit to what you can let someone say…’.

That is not converting light to might. That is where the point of knowledge stayed as a point in the intellect.

To convert light into might, we need determination which is my will power that comes from depth of intention. It comes from a deep decision that the soul makes that, I will no longer think, say or do useless things that don’t align with who I am and what I am here to do. When I make that decision, I offer it to Baba.

God helps those who help themselves. Unless I take that first step, make that firm decision, He cannot help me. God never imposes His will on the child – He needs the decision to comes from me. When I do make it and offer it to Him, He matches my tiny will with His, He matches my little step with a thousand of His. That is His love, the alchemy that transforms the soul.

And then when the situation comes…and it will, I am prepared to respond rather than react. I don’t just remember what I need to do but I actually do it. I am able to apply that full-stop when I feel the waste thoughts coming on, I don’t just remember but actually exercise the power of tolerance when I feel irritation coming on. When I do this successfully a couple times, I feel confident and powerful. I become the embodiment of knowledge. Then, no one and nothing can shake me.

God is here and accessible to me. He has given me the knowledge – not just to remember but to embody by applying each point toward my own transformation and thereby, of this world. If I have recognized a specific weakness that I am struggling with, let me make that firm decision today that I no longer want it. Let me exercise the right point of knowledge and transform that weakness.

Victory is mine for the taking, I just need to learn to transform knowledge into power.

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