Stop meditating, start remembering

Baba says, ‘become an embodiment of remembrance‘. Do you have to make an effort to remember whom you love? asks Baba.

Baba says, you children call out to me, I have come to purify you and take you home with me. We cannot go home without becoming completely pure and purity can only come through remembrance. Often when I sit to meditate, it is hard to stay focused for more than a couple minutes. Thoughts come barging in and break the sacred link I have with God.

So what do we do?

Baba says, make me your world, experience all your relationships with me. Baba is primarily my Father, Teacher and Guru but He is also my Friend, my Companion, my Child. It is natural for a child to remember its Father, for a student to remember his Teacher, for friends and companions to remember each other. Baba says, relate to me and remembrance will become natural. It is when you think of me as God or Almighty that you distance yourself from Me because it is missing the relationship.

Baba also deliberately uses the word ‘remembrance‘ rather than ‘meditation‘ – the former is natural for the soul, we remember those we love…meditation feels harder. He says, no one can be expected to sit and meditate for hours but you can remember Me. Even when you are walking and moving around, going about your business, remember Me, talk to me, eat with me, play with me.

When I remember Baba in everything I do, I take care to ensure that I am doing it right, that I am doing it per His direction. When I take that minute to pause, it forces me to check my thoughts for waste and negativity. It compels me to check my attitude, my intention for doing something. It teaches me to be far-sighted enough to assess consequences of my actions to me and others. It challenges me to say no to things- thoughts, words, actions- that don’t align with my and my Father’s vision for a new world.

Remembrance transforms me and I gain my self-respect back. When I respect myself, I respect others.

The trick then is to make remembrance constant and natural where I no longer make effort for it but instead embody it. That can only happen when I develop deep love for God by making Him my world and spending time with Him, getting to know Him.

So go ahead, make it easy on yourself. Stop meditating and start remembering.

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