Have mercy on yourself

Baba says, ‘this is a study, there is no question of mercy‘. Students are expected to pay attention to the study to imbibe the knowledge and score well in their exams. They don’t look to the teacher for mercy.

Baba says, this is also a school and this is a spiritual study. You have to listen to and imbibe what is being taught. Baba shares new and subtle points of knowledge every day. Pay attention to not miss a single day of this study, He says, you just might miss the answer to that question, the clarification to that doubt that had been bothering you.

Don’t ask Me for mercy‘, says Baba. I am your Teacher, I am here to teach you about the Creator and the creation and the secrets of the beginning, middle and end of the cycle. I teach the same study to all my students no matter where in the world they are. I don’t give special classes to certain students while depriving others. Even though the Teacher gives equally to everyone, the students receive numberwise. Why?

It all depends on how much effort you put into the study. That decides how much you imbibe and thereby, how much your quality of life improves. Have mercy on yourself by studying well, says Baba. There is nothing more I can do here.

Sometimes we listen to the Murli (the teaching) each morning but even after just a couple of hours, if someone were to ask us about the essence or the blessing of the day, we struggle to remember. If you don’t even remember the point, how will you imbibe it, asks Baba. When you listen, stay attentive. Check to ensure that your intellect is not wandering here and there. Then churn the key points in your mind throughout the day. That will not just keep you refreshed but help you understand and imbibe.

Each point of this spiritual knowledge is worth multi-millions, it is your true source of income, says Baba. Unlike the knowledge imparted in the schools and colleges of this world, this spiritual knowledge is imperishable. When I imbibe it, it goes with me (the soul) as my sanskars (personality traits) for birth after birth for half the cycle. While students in this world study to make an income for this one birth, God’s study ensures an income for multiple births. While students in this world study to become doctors or lawyers or something else, only in God’s university do students study to transform from humans to angels, from ordinary to divine. Only God’s students study to create a new world. Our Teacher is unique and wonderful too. While teachers in this world first study themselves to qualify to become teachers and then teach from text books (or scriptures in the case of religion), God doesn’t read from a book or does He need to study. He is the Ocean of Knowledge, the Source of Truth.

This is an elevated study, you have to make an elevated effort, says Baba. If you have unshakable faith in Who is teaching you and in your own destiny, you will pay attention to never miss this study. My mercy is my teaching, it is also My love.

Now, have mercy on yourself. Pay attention to the study.

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