Only the Father can give an inheritance

Baba says, ‘you only receive the inheritance from Me, your Father‘. We know that intellectually but do we really understand and embrace that fact in our practical life?

We spend our days and hours trying to alter the Drama, the circumstances to suit the outcome we want. In doing so, often times we depend on other people, we chase after them, request, plead, make our case etc. etc.

At the end of our struggle, when things still (and inevitably) don’t go our way, we turn to Baba and ask for His help. We try to convince Him of why whatever is happening is not a good thing and present Him with our ‘better’ alternative. Then we expect Him to go make it happen. He doesn’t.

So then we cry, we sulk, we flail… ‘why doesn’t anyone see what I see!’, ‘I am all alone in my time of need, no one, not even God is helping me’.

Well, here’s the deal. God and the Drama are benevolent. Believe it or not, they have our best interest at heart and actually do know what’s best. Only Baba can see all the three times of the soul – the past, present and the future. Only He knows what’s best for my journey, I often don’t and others certainly don’t. If a door is closed to me, let me not blame other people, the circumstance, my luck or anything else. Let me understand that whatever is behind that door is not the right thing for me or it is not the right time. If it was, Baba would not have waited for me to ask for His help. It would have fallen into my lap when I least expected it. That’s how I know it was meant for me, it’s easy, it’s smooth, I didn’t have to work for it.

Only God can give me my inheritance, not other souls. A brother cannot give another brother an inheritance, only a Father can do that. So let me stop chasing after people for that favor I think I need, doing unnatural things to get in their good graces so they will consider me for that promotion I think is right for me, compromising on my principles so I can stay in that social circle that I think I need to be seen in.

Baba says, you don’t have to do any of that. In fact, it is useless. Only I can give you your inheritance – the virtues, the powers, the tools. When I imbibe His teachings, my personality changes, I become mature, more stable, self-respecting, content. I stop fighting the Drama, trying to make things happen and instead learn to accept that which Baba gives me as what’s right, what’s best for me. I consider myself a trustee for Baba and do everything as His work.

We mistake the inheritance to be something so fleeting as a promotion or a material possession or status. Baba says, I give you the unlimited inheritance that will make you the masters of the world for half the cycle. I come bringing the new world, heaven, on the palm of my hand. This is your inheritance, come and take it from Me.

Let me not be so blinded by the false glitter of what I see here in this old world that I fail to recognize what God is giving me, what He is making me. Let me recognize the true inheritance, realize Who can give it to me and shift my effort to claim it. I can take as much as I want, it all depends on my faith and how much effort I am willing to make.

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