Trade in the old for the new

Baba says, ‘I am a big Businessman but only a few are able to trade with Me‘. Baba offers us the invaluable jewels of knowledge at this time. Take as much as you want or take it all, He says. My price is all that you have that is old, impure and useless.

Anyone would agree that this is a bargain like no other. Jewels in return for old and wasteful things – old limiting beliefs suffocating our intellect, old and impure thoughts taking up mind share, prejudices and fears limiting our lifestyle. Give it all to Me and in return I will give you the knowledge that will make you the masters of the new world.

It’s a great deal but is it easy?

Giving up our old ways requires faith in the One that is teaching us. Do I believe and accept what He is telling me about myself, can I sense or feel my own divinity when He is describing it to me? Does the story He is telling me about the beginning, middle and end of the cycle make sense to me?

God is Truth because He is the only One who knows the truth about anything. He knows because unlike us souls, He is beyond the cycle of birth and death and therefore always in realization. He is therefore also ever pure and is able to help transform us from impure to pure, divine beings again.

Baba relates all of this knowledge to us daily in different ways, with new points in the Murli (the daily teaching). Baba is incorporeal and invisible to our physical eyes. He can only be understood via the intellect and experienced via remembrance. The Murli is our most tangible form of Baba because it gives us direct insight into Him – His mind, intellect and sanskars. It gives us visibility into how He operates, how He thinks, His style. It is our physical, tangible reference point for how to be like God.

Each of the teachings is a jewel worth millions, says Baba. It makes you the master of the world for half the cycle. But for that I have to listen, then understand and imbibe each point. I have to become an embodiment of each point. If I listen with one ear and let it out the other, I’ve lost out on the millions. Similarly, if I listen and even understand but don’t imbibe which is to say, the point simply stays in the intellect but doesn’t get used or applied in my practical life, then too I have lost. Baba reminds us, if you don’t use the points of knowledge, you lose them. In other words, we forget them. The trick is therefore to embody them and make them part of my character or my natural nature before I forget.

As I fill myself with the jewels, the old thoughts, ways, behaviors leave me on their own. Its like I’ve rewritten a disk with new content and so the old has been wiped out. Baba says, make a firm decision that you no longer want the useless things you have and give them to Me. In return, you can take all the jewels I have. Do this business with Me.

Are we ready to trade?

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