Make Him your world and fly

Baba says, ‘check if you have subtle bondages. Sometimes, we think we have made Baba our entire world, that there is nothing pulling us or holding us back. But is that really true?

Maybe we lead a team at work or we are part of a team. Maybe we have a few friends. Do we view them all as souls and equally? Or do we have favorites or preferences? A team mate leaves and we worry, ‘he/she did a lot, was the smartest person on the team. I may not find someone like that soon enough’. We might entrust all our important work to one or two people because we are familiar with them. But then how will others learn and gain that experience? Our friend leaves and we are heartbroken…she was the best friend I had, whom do I visit now on the weekends? Someone smiles a little differently than usual and our mind goes into overdrive as to why…did they hear something about me? Someone new joined the team, they seem smarter…there goes my promotion!

We like to get our news from certain people only- we see a different face one day and we have trouble adjusting. We like our coffee a certain way, a little difference ruins the experience. We like to go to the gym a certain time, spend our weekends a certain way. If any of that routine is affected, it throws us off. Weather changes can make us feel lousy. We’d love to help that friend with that project but they live an hour away…it’s too far to drive…maybe I’ll just apologize. Yes I can deliver that lecture or workshop if…you can arrange for x, y and z. I’ll join the team if… so and so also joins the team.

Baba asks, ‘am I really your world?’ When you have so many preferences and needs and desires and attachments to people, things and places, how can you possibly remember Me? Every time we try to remember Baba, its like a tug-o-war in our mind between Baba and all the subtle threads or ropes pulling us away from Him.

Baba asks, do you forget Who is teaching you? Who is guiding you? Who is your true Friend? Who is taking care of you? When we forget Baba, we feel the need to latch on to many different people and things to navigate our life. We weigh ourselves down.

Baba says, if you make Me your world, life is simple and you are flying!

Spirituality is a lifestyle of simple living and high thinking. It’s where we shed the useless and unnecessary – the expansion that comes with identifying as a body or a role and return to the truth – of being a soul, a child of God. When I do that Baba becomes responsible for me. With His help, I focus on strengthening the spirit and as a result find that I don’t need or want much at all in the physical world. Whatever little I do need, Baba fulfills even before I realize I need it. I become easygoing, free from bondages both gross and subtle.

Life really is supposed to be much simpler. So go on, make Him your world. Then, fly.

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