Remember your elevated self

Baba says, ‘you are now becoming the most elevated human beings’. Do I feel it?

This is the most elevated time in the cycle when God Himself comes to meet His long lost and now found children. He comes to remind us of who we are, give us His introduction and reveal the secrets of the beginning, middle and end of the cycle.

He says, you forgot who you are – you are an eternal, pure, divine soul. For half a cycle you’ve been identifying with the body and that has given you nothing but sorrow, confusion and pain. You’ve become peaceless when in fact, peace is the religion of the soul. It’s within you and yet, you’ve been looking for it everywhere.

You became so ignorant that you believed that I am omnipresent and that I am present in everyone and everything. You never questioned why everyone experiences sorrow or why people make mistakes both big and small if I am within them. You believed gurus that promised a path to salvation without questioning why they themselves hadn’t attained it if they knew the path. You confused attachment for love and believed that ego is your friend. You accepted stress and anger as a way of life.

But you, the soul, knew somewhere deep within you that not all is right. And so you called out to Me, even though you didn’t really remember the One you were calling out to, to come and liberate you from this old world. I am here now. I will take you home with me .

Baba is showing us the path to our original purity, a state of natural soul consciousness where everyone respects each other, everyone is equal, there is no sorrow, no anxiety or stresses, where peace is state of being. He returns us back to a state of self-respect, something we lost when we gave away our values.

Baba makes us elevated again. You are My child, how else would you be? Baba asks, ‘do you sense your elevatedness’? He gives us the third eye of knowledge with which to see our true self as He reminds us every day. The more I realize, the more I can transform. The more I transform, the closer I am to my truth.

We have the Supreme Teacher, Supreme Guru teaching and guiding us. There are no chants or rituals or prayers. There is no money or pilgrimages involved. Just remember who you are, He says, your truth is within you.

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