Churn the Ocean

Baba says, ‘churn this ocean of knowledge‘. To really understand any topic, we need to churn it, reflect on it and then realize it. Baba says, only when you churn this knowledge do you taste the nectar.

If you don’t churn this knowledge, what would you be churning, asks Baba. Surely, you’d be churning waste thoughts! The mind is never in a state of vacuum. If we don’t keep it busy with the right kind of content, it finds something else to stay busy with- often useless, negative or very ordinary thoughts. All of this gets in the way of spiritual progress.

You children have to glorify your Father’s name, says Baba. For that you should always have a smiling countenance, happiness and contentment in your heart. How can you stay happy and smile if you don’t pay attention to how you spend your time and thoughts? Churning the knowledge refreshes you. When you are able to realize something new, that always makes you happy. Also you will likely imbibe it since you’ve realized on your own what and why you need to do something.

The soul does not have diamonds or gems within it, what it has are sanskars (personality traits) which it carries with it throughout the cycle. I need the knowledge Baba gives me to understand right from wrong, how to be…in other words, to create elevated sanskars. So really, money or diamonds don’t help…the knowledge does. Knowledge is really your source of income.

While what they teach in schools and universities here in this world might be your source of income for a limited time in this one birth, the spiritual knowledge Baba teaches is our source of income for 21 births or half the cycle. While the knowledge in this world might make me a doctor or an engineer or something else, the knowledge of the soul makes me the master of the world.

Why wouldn’t you study this knowledge, asks Baba. If you don’t study, you won’t be able to imbibe and become elevated. The reward is high- becoming the master of the world, a divine human being. And so you have to make an elevated effort. Its up to you, says Baba.

My Supreme Teacher is here to teach me all I need to know. Can I be a good student?

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