Create an atmosphere of love

Baba says, ‘become equal to the Father this new year‘. Create an atmosphere of love for yourself, and the world.

Just as you bid good-bye to the old year and welcome the new, similarly, every day, bid good bye to the old defects and impurities and receive Baba’s good wishes and pure feelings.

The Confluence Age is one of sending off the old, corrupt world and ushering in the new, elevated world. So celebrate each day of this confluence by becoming the giver and receiver of good wishes.

Any time any difficult situation comes before you, simply remember Baba from your heart, in fact, order Baba to come and help you out! But the condition is that you don’t keep anything else in your heart but Him. If you say ‘My Baba’ from your mouth but keep defects in your heart, He won’t be able to help you. Baba needs a clean heart…in other words, if I have guilt and shame or some kind of limited thinking such as ‘I am not capable of anything good’, ‘I am not this or that…’ then I have shut myself down to His help.

And remember Me with love, says Baba. A lot of children remember with their head. While knowing is a good thing, it is only the seed. It needs the water of love to yield fruit. In other words, if I only understand the knowledge -maybe I even conduct workshops, teach, lecture etc. – but I don’t having a loving relationship with Baba, then I cannot experience His love and companionship. And if you don’t experience God’s love at this time when He is here especially for the children, then what good is anything, asks Baba.

So, remember Me with a lot of love in your heart, not just when you have a need. That is how the bhagats (devotees) remember…when there is a need. Children always remember their Father lovingly and naturally.

This year, have the aim to create an atmosphere of love – for yourself, for your friends and relatives and for the whole world. Those who love the Father will automatically love His children. Every child is very dear to the Father and is in His heart. So even though when you see your brother or sister you might see that perhaps they are a little lacking in their effort, always remember that they are dear to the Father and belong to the Family. So don’t further push someone who is already down, learn to uplift them like the Father, give them zeal and enthusiasm. Create the atmosphere of love and belonging.

This is becoming equal to the Father and is the pure wish I have for each of my children.

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