Becoming an heir

Baba says, ‘you have to become an heir‘. Baba has many children, in fact all souls are Baba’s children. But not every child is an heir quality child.

Baba says, many children think they are heir quality children but they are, in fact, not. To be an heir, I need to understand the method well- that method is to make Baba my heir. When I make Him my heir now, He will make me His heir for 21 births.

So what does it mean to make God my heir?

He says, you have to give me all your property. Does Baba need us to give up our home, our wealth, other possessions and settle into an Ashram? Absolutely not. In fact, He says, I have no use for your money or wealth. I want all the property of the vices you have inherited in the last half of the cycle. Give me your impurities, defects, your shame, guilt, your fears, your anger, rage and everything else that you did not inherit from Me.

Baba remembers and He reminds us- I had created a different reality and then you were free, virtuous, peaceful and happy. As you move along the cycle, you lost your inheritance to Maya (the vices) and forgot who you are and Whom you belong to. I am here now to show you the way to claim your inheritance – make Me your heir. Give me all the useless things and take back all that is rightfully yours.

So how do I give Him my useless things in a practical way?

Baba says, the main defect is your identification with the body and bodily possessions and relationships. The words ‘I’ and ‘mine’ bring you down. When you first offer everything to Me – what you eat, buy, make etc. to Me in remembrance, you then take it back in the consciousness of a trustee as opposed to the owner.

In other words, I get rid of the ‘I’ and ‘mine’ and accept everything as Baba’s gift to me. I ten automatically pay attention to what I eat, what I buy (am I being economical, is this something Baba would approve..). This applies to the subtle as well – when I pause before I think or speak or act to check if this aligns with Baba’s teachings, then my thoughts, words and actions become pure as well.

In becoming my Heir, Baba makes me His. I have nothing useful to give Him but He happily accepts what I give Him and gives me a golden world, a golden life in return.

Will you be His heir?

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