The intoxication of being a world transformer

Baba says, ‘you children should have so much incognito intoxication’. We children are now transforming the world into heaven based on Baba’s Shrimat (elevated directions).

Do I believe it, do I see it? If I do, then I feel a sense of immense pride.

Baba says, I come to show you the wonder and give you this knowledge. I transform you from thorns into flowers. I transform this whole world from a jungle of thorns into a garden of flowers. I create heaven. People talk about the seven wonders of the world but heaven is the true wonder of the world, says Baba. And you children are my companions in creating heaven, do you have this incognito intoxication within yourself?, asks Baba.

Many great souls and freedom fighters such as Mahatma Gandhi, for example, have desired for a Ram Rajya (a righteous world). Baba says, no human being can establish Ram Rajya. If they could, why would everyone be calling out for The Purifier, The Liberator to come and liberate them from hell? Establishing heaven or Ram Rajya is a task only God can accomplish. He chooses to do it with us children. Baba says, this world right now is unrighteous and therefore unhappy. I come to transform it back into a righteous world where there is purity, peace and happiness and no sign of sorrow.

We children help Baba in this task of transformation by becoming pure ourselves based on His elevated directions and thereby transforming the world. At this point in the cycle, souls are in the jail of the vices. We help Baba in liberating our brothers and sisters from this jail based on His directions. Baba says, you are the most valuable servants. When I am obedient, I become valuable to God in His task of transforming the world. I become someone He can trust, can count on.

I’ve been following the directions of Maya (the vices) for half the cycle and it emptied the soul and snatched my world away from me. My Father is here now and is giving me elevated directions to reclaim my self-sovereignty and my world, transform it into the heaven that it was…once again.

I cannot think of a higher purpose, higher aim to work toward, a better Soul to spend time with and learn from. Can you?

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