Remembrance, Purity, Happiness

Baba says, ‘this is the end of the drama, it is now time to return home‘. He comes at the end of the cycle to take us back home. To return home, I the soul must first become pure and I can only become pure through the remembrance of the Father.

The concept of knowledge and remembrance applies everywhere, says Baba. When I am studying to become anything, say a lawyer, I have learn the knowledge related to that and while doing so, I do remember the teacher who is teaching me. However, that knowledge and remembrance gives me limited power or strength. Here, I derive unlimited power since my Teacher is The Almighty Powerful.

He is the Ocean of Knowledge and gives me all the knowledge of the Creator and the creation, the beginning, middle and end of the cycle. With the foundation of this knowledge and through His remembrance, I become pure. In other words, I shed all the layers, masks, prejudices and everything else I acquired based on the vices and return to my original truth.

When I return to my original truth, I inspire others to return to theirs by introducing them to the Father. As each of us return to our truth, we return this world….our world back to its truth – heaven. It all starts with you becoming pure through remembrance, says Baba.

I have come to liberate you from sorrow and return you to happiness. As my children, He says, check to see if you are giving anyone sorrow. By spending time daily in introversion, I reconnect with myself and with my Supreme Father. I regain the spiritual powers – to discern right from wrong, to be tolerant, to pack up all the waste thoughts, to make quick and correct decisions etc. Using the powers, I am able to navigate the drama and play my role with ease. In every scene, I show up confident, in control of my performance and inspire my co-actors to step up their game.

Purity is the basis of peace and happiness and remembrance is the basis of purity. Let me remember my Father, my Supreme Teacher, my true Beloved and let the alchemy of His love cut away my defects, my sins and return me to happiness.

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