Understand the drama

Baba says, ‘you have to understand the Drama accurately‘. When I do, then there is only happiness and no complaints.
When ShivBaba entered Brahma Baba, he surrendered himself completely. He followed every direction, donated everything he had to the task of establishment. He shouldered the enormous responsibility of establishing the yagya, taking care of the souls that came to the yagya. Then there was the defamation where false news about Baba and the yagya spread far and wide.

Most of us would be tempted to go along with a pattern of thinking such as ‘I did so much, I followed every instruction and yet, I have to face all this. What’s the point! I sacrificed everything for God and yet He let this happen….maybe this isn’t God’s task after all.’

Baba’s response, however, was ‘this is such a wonderful drama’. He says, this is a game of victory and defeat. We now have the knowledge of the beginning, middle and end of this drama, in other words, we know how the story ends….we know our destiny. And so based on that understanding, I can only feel happiness. I don’t blame, don’t complain. I understand that all of us souls are actors and that each of us is simply playing our part in the drama. It is when we look at just one or a few scenes of the drama that we make the mistake of concluding that because I don’t like these scenes, I don’t like the whole story.

It is important to understand the drama accurately, look at all three times, says Baba. If not, we go through life blaming, being resentful of others, jealous and constantly try to manipulate the drama to produce outcomes that we deem best.

Instead if I am wise enough to trust the drama and its accuracy, I let it play out the way it is and simply enjoy my part- I don’t fight it, am not confused by it, am not comparing it but rather simply enjoying it. I am thankful for the open doors, for the times that went smoothly and I am also equally thankful for the closed doors and the obstacles- understanding that they came to make me strong, make me experienced, make me shed my body consciousness where I attach my sense of worth to outcomes and other externalities. When I see both the easy and the hard, successes and so called failures, I learn to take both lightly and not attach as much importance to either. I see myself as separate from the task, from the happenings with a sense of worth that is independent – that simply comes from being a child of God.

I don’t doubt God’s presence in my life, I don’t doubt that He is looking out for me, I don’t try to control, I don’t shake and let my stage fluctuate, I trust. When I do, I feel content and it shone on my face. When others see my contentment in the face of everything that is going on, it inspires confidence and strength in them. It reveals God’s presence in my life and that is the greatest service I can do.

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