My preferences or My Baba

Baba says, ‘in heaven, your stomach is full‘. There is no desire or want or need for anything, be it physical or subtle. The state of contentment makes me light and enables me to fly. There is nothing weighing me down.

Are there things today that are making me discontent?

Baba says, this drama is accurate. Everything that happens is accurate while it may not seem that way always. Have I accepted this truth or do I still fight the drama, try to constantly alter it in both big and small ways?

One of the ways that we try to alter the drama and thereby cause discontentment to ourselves is by having preferences. I like certain people, I don’t like others. I only like coffee in the morning, not tea and I like my coffee a certain way. I even have my favorite chair at home or ‘my spot’ at my favorite coffee shop etc. – the preference can sometimes be so strong that it can affect my mood if I see someone else in ‘my seat’.

Some times it is wants- I want that dress in the shop window, I want that new shoe that I’ve seen online, I want a new car…etc. etc.

We often unconsciously tend to transfer this sanskar(trait) of preferences even to the spiritual path – we like to serve with certain people, not with others. We like to participate only in certain programs, crave for certain conveniences, still seek approval from others – ‘did I do okay? what did the audience think of my talk?’. We forget what it is we are here to do!

I am here to enable my brothers and sisters to have a spiritual experience, facilitate their touching base with their destiny, help them get in touch with their Father. I am not here to impress them with my oratory skills, with my physical personality, with how knowledgeable I am, with the whiteness of my clothes or something else.

My singular task is to radiate good wishes and pure feelings to the world, to introduce my brothers and sisters to themselves and to the Father through the strength of my own spirituality. When I forget this and fall into body consciousness, I get into the ‘me’ and ‘mine’, ‘how do I look’, ‘did they like me’, ‘I need this…’, ‘I prefer that..’.

The soul, Baba reminds us daily, is a point of light. It needs nothing, it has within it all that it needs – the spiritual powers, the virtues. And so when I stay in the consciousness of being a soul, I feel light, I feel content…my stomach is full. And it is for that exact reason that I am able to remember Baba, experience His love and companionship ONLY when I am in this consciousness …because there is nothing else pulling me away from Him, distracting me from spending time with Him. I am free to love Him and be absorbed in His love.

So the question is, what do I value more? My preferences or my Baba?

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2 Responses to My preferences or My Baba

  1. Bkdrsachin says:

    Divine angel

    Pls continue sending daily post….It has stopped coming from long time….

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