Remember Me from your heart

Baba says, ‘only those who remember Me are able to follow my directions at every step‘. Often we want to follow in Baba’s footsteps but we finding ourselves falling short. We want to change a sanskar very badly but we can’t seem to transform it.

Yes, these are sanskars that have formed over the course of 63 births, they have become deep rooted habits and are therefore hard to change. But another reason they linger despite our desire to change is the fact that we don’t take Baba’s hand.

To take Baba’s hand is to remember Him. Baba says, knowledge is light but remembrance is what gives you the might to change. It is not enough to simply know and understand something to change it. Deep rooted sanskars don’t just leave after being with us for so long. We need power, immense power to change them. When we simply understand the knowledge and try to change with determination, we are still only using our own will power.

We need God’s will along with ours to change. My will is tiny compared to His. And I am trying to change something that has been with me for many, many births in one small birth. I cannot do it with just my power, I need God’s enormous will to join in and work its magic.

Baba says, ‘I change thorns to flowers. This is the very reason I come‘. Why not take Him up on it? Baba says, ‘you have to follow the method to access my help. I need one step of your courage first and I will then match it with a thousand of Mine‘. That step of courage is remembrance, deep remembrance from the heart where I am alone with Him and I have put in front of Him the sanskar I want to change. I have the deep desire to change, I have made the firm, determined decision that I no longer want this sanskar. And then all I do is keep Baba in my heart.

He says, ‘any time you find yourself facing a tough challenge, simply say ‘My Baba’ from your heart and I will be present’. But He says, ‘it has to be remembrance from your heart…not superficial, not out of desperation, but loving remembrance‘. He says, ‘I am your Father. It cannot be that My child needs Me and I not be present. I am bound by your love‘.

I don’t have to and will not be able to sit down for 30 minutes or an hour to remember every time, I remember as I am moving around and going about my business. Remembrance is the most natural thing for the soul, we remember so many things throughout the day…many are useless. Let me check my thoughts, filter out the useless and remember my Beloved, my Father. Then He becomes present and in His love, I overcome the toughest of challenges. I am able to make the impossible, possible.

God is here now, He is here for me, to help me return to my truth. Let me help Him help Me. Let me remember.

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