Don’t impress. Inspire..

Baba says, a true server is one who through their every activity indicates or reveals the Father’. Many souls have what Baba calls ‘guru sanskars’. Its when we use our thoughts, words and actions to draw attention toward ourselves, to win fans and followers.

Its almost like social media – people mostly use it to talk about themselves, their specialties, their lives, post images of themselves and then hope others will ‘like’ it or follow them. The more followers or fans I have, the more famous I am. And fame is a big currency at this time, in this old world.

Baba says, ‘forget all that you have learnt and acquired in this old world and only learn what I am teaching you now’. He is teaching us sanskars for the new world, the pure world. In other words, He is helping me emerge my original sanskars that are based on self-respect. I don’t need to cozy up to people, do unnatural things to get in anyone’s good graces, become rich or famous. They don’t get me self-respect, they make me dependent on other people and things. If others are happy, I am happy. And so my goal is to constantly impress others, the world.

And we tend to transfer those worldly ways or sanskars into spiritual life, often unknowingly. I learn Baba’s knowledge and then start to give the course or talks or conduct workshops etc. I start with the pure intention to serve, then when I do it a couple times, a few people come up to me and offer their thanks and compliments. Outwardly I say, ‘Oh, not at all, all thanks to Baba’ but inside, I pat myself on the back. I start to believe that people are drawn to my specialty. ‘Clearly, I am a good speaker’, ‘I am a good yogi’, ‘I have understood the knowledge very well, I have become an expert’. Then, I start counting how many people attended the talks, did any famous people come, I even start to tailor the content to suit the appetite of the audience, I am intent on reaching more and more people. My goal, subconsciously, becomes…to impress.

Do I remember Whose task this is or Who is getting it done? Do I remember why I started doing this in the first place?

Baba says, souls are tired of artificiality and superficiality, they are looking for an experience of true peace, true love and true happiness. Isn’t that what I had offered myself as an instrument to Baba for so He can work through me to give them what they need? At what point did I begin to believe that I was doing everything? At what point did I start playing God?

This is God’s domain, He is KaranKaravanhaar, the One who gets everything done. When I stay in His remembrance, imbibe His knowledge deeply and correctly, souls will receive an experience of the Father…their Father through my face, my eyes, my behavior. I don’t even have to speak much. My very presence becomes a service…why? because I play a role in bringing souls close to their Father. And that is the truest and greatest service, says Baba.

Without knowing the Father, we were like orphans wandering here and there looking for love, looking for belonging, looking for a guardian. Our Father found us and gave our life meaning and purpose. My duty is to help my brothers and sisters also attain what I have attained. My duty is to introduce them to their Father. If I forget this and draw their attention toward me, my prowess, my personality, then that is dis-service. I have become a barrier between the child and The Father, an obstacle to them attaining their rightful inheritance which they can only get from the Father.

Don’t be a guru, says Baba, souls don’t need any more gurus and preachers. They need the experience of truth, of finally meeting their true Parent Who loves them very much.
Let me check today- am I here to impress or inspire?

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