Depend on Him

Baba says, ‘it is good to be dependent on Me’. Many children like to be independent, says Baba. But while it is good to not depend on any human beings, it is good to depend on Me, He says. If you don’t, you will keep falling.

A lot of people in the world want to do good, but they do it without the help of God. For example, people want to bring peace in the world and they hold conferences and march for peace. Baba categorically says, ‘no one can establish a peaceful world except Me‘.
A group of people filled with rage or driven by a sense of justice cannot bring peace. Some people fight for peace. How will that work?

Baba says, peace can only be established based on My Shrimat (elevated direction). His direction is to emerge my own peace by shifting into the consciousness of being a soul. You have forgotten who you are and therefore become peaceless. I have come to remind you and when you remember your original and true identity of being a peaceful soul, a child of God, you will become peaceful. When each one becomes peaceful, the world automatically becomes peaceful. Even nature becomes peaceful.

At an individual level, we hear the knowledge and based on it, we realize our own defects. We then even make a firm determined thought that we want to transform that sanskar and set out on a mission to do so. But as we will find, we are unable to bring permanent, lasting change if we try to do it ourselves. In addition to realizing, I also need to take the Hand of God. When I have the realization, do I offer it to Baba, do I tell Him what I want to do? When I do, I already feel lighter from having been honest. Then, He gives me tips and tricks to help me reach my goal. He checks up on me, gives me kudos when I make progress, gives me more directions when I need them. He becomes engaged.

The will power of the soul is tiny compared to Baba’s. He says, follow the method set forth in the Drama which is: Take one step of courage and I will match it with a thousand of mine. When I reach out, He gives me everything He has.

Baba says, this Confluence Age is the age when you and I are combined. When you forget that, you make yourself alone and then Maya attacks. Then we look for happiness, companionship, love, respect from other souls. Baba says, don’t depend on others, they are unable to give you what you want. They too are looking for the same things. Instead, at this time in the cycle, have all your relationships with Me. I will fulfill all your needs and desires.

I have the most elevated Companion. He is also my Father, my Teacher and my Guru. I don’t need to seek anything from anyone else. All I do is reach out to Him, engage Him in my life. In fact, always being with Him, depending on Him for all my needs is the greatest service I can do to myself and to this world.

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