You are the special souls who have been created by the invocation of Father Brahma. So, you are specially loved, are you not?

Father Brahma understands that you are those who have the zeal and enthusiasm to make fast efforts and come first.

You are souls who will go into the flying stage. A signal to become perfect yogis is given to those who are seen to be worthy of that.

Father Brahma has special love for the children and this is why He wants to see the children become everready and free from bondage like him all the time.

I belong to the Father and the Father belongs to me.

In your intellect, you are aware that whatever is the inheritance of the Father’s unlimited treasures is mine. In your hearts, there is just the Comforter of Hearts. There cannot be anything else – just the heart and the Comforter of Hearts.

You are a fortunate soul of the previous cycle.

By being soul conscious, you became intoxicated with the love of God the Father. The first words of love that emerged from your heart? “My sweet Baba.”

The one phrase “My Baba” made the Bestower of Fortune, the Bestower of Limitless Treasures belong to you.

Love makes you finish making effort. Love makes everything easy.

You are the children of the Creator. You are the children of the World Creator.

You are the lovers of the One Beloved.

You are ShivShaktis. You are always combined with the Father. Shaktis cannot do anything without Shiv and Shiv cannot do anything without the Shaktis.

The easy way to attain success in every task is to have love.

The special foundation of the family is this special love.

At the present time, together with the balance of remembrance and service, the balance of love and service is the method to use for success in service.

Love automatically gives the experience of peace because you then become lost in love.

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