Baba says, ‘check if you are being honest‘. Often, we confuse honesty with thinking that if our words match our thoughts, whatever those may be, then we are being honest. We don’t pause to check the quality of my thoughts – am I thinking the right thoughts? are they in line with Baba’s Shrimat?

Baba provides a very clear definition of honesty. He says, ‘an honest and trustworthy person is someone who doesn’t use the treasures he has received from the Father for any task without His directions. If you waste your time, words, deeds, breath and thoughts in following the dictates of others or under the influence of wrong company, if you think about others instead of thinking about yourself, if you are being arrogant about something instead of having self-respect, if you follow the dictates of your own mind instead of following shrimat, you cannot then be said to be honest. You have received all these treasures to benefit the world and so to use them for that task is to be honest‘.

If we were to check our thoughts, we’d find that most of them are wasteful thoughts about ourselves or about other people. We see someone doing something we think is wrong and our mind kicks into overdrive- our sense of justce deceives us. We feel ‘justified’ in thinking negative and wasteful thoughts about them. Then we feel the need to voice them to others – tell them how so and so is or what they did. Some of us might even tell that person how what they are doing is wrong. We think we are ‘just being honest’.

Baba says, you don’t have to police others or take law into your own hands. Offering correction is My job, not yours. Even if, as an instrument, it is my duty to offer a correction, Baba says, if the ‘truth’ gives sorrow to the other person, then it is not ‘truth’. Truth should always be delivered tactfully and with love, not from a place of putting someone down or with malice.

Sometimes, we think and talk badly about ourselves. We’ve been having hard time getting rid of a sanskar, we feel dejected, disheartened and start having thoughts such as, ‘ I am no good’, ‘I am a failure’, ‘little do others know what I’m like..’, ‘Baba must be so disappointed in me’, ‘He sets the standard, I am not there, everyone else has moved on…’ etc etc. We think we are being honest about our stage. Baba says, this is indulgence, even laziness. The last thing a soul that is trying to change needs is rejection. Shame and guilt are Maya’s traps that we frequently fall into. Once I am there, I lose track of time, I shut mysef down to all reason, any logic, any help from Baba. I’m simply shut down….and really useless at that point. That is not Baba’s Shrimat or honest. What I need to do instead is be aware of how far I’ve already come! Yes, I have ways to go but with Baba’s help, I’ll get there. Why do I compare myself to others I don’t know and who have a very different journey than mine?

Staying on the seat of self-respect is Baba’s Shrimat. Getting off it, indulging in self-rejection is Maya’s direction.

Even during remembrance, during introspection, we go inward but how in do we go? Do we just touch the top surface, in other words, see our defects, problems with the world, with other people and dwell on them? Or do I go really deep and touch base with my real, original sanskars (traits) of peace, purity, happiness, love and wisdom? Do I touch base with my destiny? Do I touch base and see the vision of me that Baba sees and tells me about? Do I face toward the new world or am I still battling with the old?

How do I spend my time? What percentage of that is screen time spent on ‘catching up’ with the ‘news’ or catching up with friends over the phone? What kind of content am I consuming? How does that compare to time spent reading and churning the Murli? All of this has a direct influence on the quality of my thoughts.

Do I have all relationships with Baba? or is my heart attached to many people, status, position, things? If Baba asked me to leave right now, could I? Am I ready or will I be easily pulled in a million directions? Am I good with finishing my daily tasks and closing the books, so to speak, every night or do I wake up thinking about all the unfinished tasks I need to get to?

If I have truly made Baba my world, then my every thought, word, breath, action is dedicated to Him and His task. I follow in His footsteps naturally because I want to and my life becomes a reflection of His teachings. As a result, I find unlimited and true happiness and peace. I find and experience unconditional love. I experience constant contentment.

That is how we are meant to live and feel. And so, that is an authentic and honest life.

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