Point of light

Baba says, ‘to know Me as I am and remember Me in that form, takes effort‘. I look just like you, we are both a point of light, He says. Many think God is bigger in form or that He is as bright as a thousand suns etc. but Baba refutes that and explains, I am your Father, we look alike.

As I start to look at myself as a soul, a point of light in the center of the forehead and see others the same way, I realize that we are all more similar than different. We all look alike, like our Father. We all have the same original qualities. It is when I forget that and look at bodies that I come into the expansion of gender, appearance, role, nationality, status, etc. I see differences more than similarities and I think of them in terms of good or bad, right or wrong. Then I use that to judge and label myself and others. I get sucked into comparisons, competition, jealousy, criticism and all the rest that comes with body consciousness.

Baba says, become soul conscious. Consider yourself a soul and see everyone as a soul.

In this small point is merged the part of 84 births. Understanding the cycle of the 84 births and remembering it will refresh me, says Baba. When I see my story in its entirety – the beginning, middle and end – I am happy. I see what an elevated destiny I have, I see all my attainments. When I don’t see the full story and only focus on isolated scenes of this one birth, then it brings me sorrow and I, incorrectly and unfairly, think the whole story is bad.

And so Baba says, practice seeing yourself as a point and remember Me as a point in the sweet silence home. Even a short 1-2 min experience of this fills the soul with immense power. It is also a wonderful practice to help me rise above the mundane, the physical and maintain perspective. It helps me stay in my self-respect because I truly know the self.

And so…be e a point, remember The Point and spin the cycle.

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