Knowledge and Service

Baba says, ‘knowledge and service are pre-requisites for self-sovereignty‘. Knowledge is the foundation for service. Without first understanding who I am, Whom I belong to and what I am here to do, it is not possible to really serve.

Many people in the world try to do good but it yields only very limited and temporary results for the amount of effort put in. Baba says, they do it without the knowledge and without taking My hand. And hence, success is limited.

When I understand that I am a soul, I know and operate from my original qualities, I check my every thought, word and action against Baba’s Shrimat (elevated directions), then even my presence is serving others, it is creating a pure atmosphere of co-operation, peace and love. But when I don’t have the knowledge, I operate from a place of body consciousness in which case, I do what I think is right, I compare, I make decisions based on feedback from other people who each have their own opinions based on their sanskars (traits).

At this point in the cycle, our understanding of right and wrong is very superficial and often incorrect. The soul having taken multiple births has become weak and requires to re-connect with God, the powerhouse to recharge. Let me make Him my reference, not other souls.

Baba says, ‘I am your obedient servant‘. I am here to serve, to make you pure from impure, transform hell into heaven. As my children, you have to serve too. If not, what use is anything, He asks.

For that, I have to learn that which I have forgotten, and unlearn that which I have learnt from this old world. Forget all that and only follow My Shrimat, says Baba.

Baba says, any task, no matter how ordinary can serve if you have the right attitude. If your attitude is negative or indifferent, then it becomes a dis-service. It is better then to not serve at all, says Baba. Sometimes, we simply want to be around certain souls- their smile, their positivity, their attitude fills us with courage and enthusiasm and we feel supported. Their eyes take us beyond this old world, their face radiates peace and love. Without them even doing anything, their very being serves.

This is the service needed at the end of the cycle, says Baba. Souls want to experience, they are tired of words.

To be able to serve in that way, I need to fully understand and imbibe the knowledge. For that, I need the power of silence and introspection. Then, I am able to match my footsteps with His and play the role of God’s companion in the most elevated task of world transformation.

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