Angelic stage

Baba says, ‘to become complete is to become an angel‘. To be angelic, Baba says, it is not enough to simply be knowledgeful. You have to be faithful, powerful and successful.

To be angelic is to be detached from this old world. It doesn’t mean leaving my responsibilities and moving to the mountains but rather it means being loving in my relationships rather than attached, being able to perform my duties without worrying about the outcome, being seated firmly on my seat of self-respect such that I am not moved by either praise or defamation, being ever-ready to serve at God’s direction and then not waiting for applause, it’s knowing what to do rather than constantly analyzing, its being above criticism where I am able to reconcile.

To be able to be that, I need to have a faithful intellect. Faith in myself, in Baba and the benevolence of the Drama. If I don’t have faith in any of these three, my stage will constantly fluctuate between ‘should I?’, ‘could I’?, ‘what if?’, ‘why this?’, ‘why me?’, ‘who knows?’ etc. These questions or waste thoughts as Baba calls them will not allow me to stay connected to Baba, they indicate an attachment to the task, to my role, to my relationships, my position..whatever. It means I still identify myself or measure myself based on attributes of the old world.

Thoughts will come but I need to be able to put a full-stop in a second. For that I need to become powerful through the remembrance of the One. If my brake is powerful, I am able to instantly stop the flurry of waste that comes barging into my mind and turn my intellect toward Baba. I remember all my attainments, I remember that Baba is with me at every step, that I have nothing to worry, that when I follow His Shrimat..He is responsible, that this time, Baba and Drama are all benevolent.

When I do this successfully a few times, I become confident, stronger and increase my self-respect. It is a virtuous cycle. I start by being faithful to become successful and with every success, my faith increases. My mind and intellect are freed to focus on Baba’s task, to understand and follow His Shrimat. This helps me gain Baba’s trust. He is unable to work through an intellect that is constantly battling. He needs an intellect that is stable, unshakable, faithful and loving. The more successful I am, the more useful I am to Him. He is able to count on me to get His work done.

And so, let me use my foundation of knowledge and along with His remembrance, become faithful, powerful and therefore successful. Let me become His angel.

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