Beggar to prince

Baba says, ‘I come to transform you from beggar to prince’. When He found us, we were standing around the street corner begging for love, respect, understanding, belonging and all the rest from everyone that passed by.

Baba asks, ‘how can My children be beggars?’ This world is now old, I had created a different reality and then you were free, you were happy and prosperous. You were princes and princesses. You then forgot who you are and became beggars, wandering in spiritual ignorance trying to find meaning and an identity. I have come now to remind you who you are and thereby return to you your lost inheritance.

Am I ready to take it? or am I so used to begging that I cannot bring myself to be God’s child?

Even after we come to Baba, we continue to remain deprived of our inheritance. Baba says, ‘you become a child in a second‘ but do I claim all that can be mine or am I content having just a little to get by?

The secret to claiming my full inheritance is to fully realize myself, remember who I am, touch base with my original self, my true destiny. But we can be so pre-occupied with thinking about, looking at and minding other people’s business that we have no time to look at ourselves. We compare ourselves to others and think we should maybe be more like them, we should do like them. Or we look at others and spend time critiquing their behavior…’what they did was not according to Baba’s Shrimat’.

We spend so much time in extroversion that we don’t have time to introspect. Baba says, if you did you’d experience super-sensuous joy, you’d feel light, you’d experience your own greatness. ‘Spin the cycle of self-realization‘, He says, and ‘see yourself through the whole cycle‘. When I do that, I see all my attainments, get to know myself and live by those original values. Because I spend time in extroversion, my sanskars, my thoughts and my relationships still lack newness or rather authenticity, the golden-agedness. They still smell of the old world.

Do you want to continue to punish yourself?‘, ‘Do you still want to be unhappy?‘, asks Baba.

You are My children, you have My values within you and yet you choose to continue to live by Ravan’s values. Why?, He asks. Make a determined thought today to make your life new, ensure you don’t have even a trace of the old.

Happiness is your birthright, don’t deprive yourself of it.

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