Make a vow

Baba says, ‘make a vow to stay in remembrance‘. A vow is something that one fulfills not matter what.

It is the end of the cycle, Baba reminds us. It’s when He comes to meet us and remind us of who we truly are. We had forgotten that we are pure, divine beings having been locked in the jail of ignorance and vices. Baba comes to liberate us from the jail by giving us the light of knowledge to dispel the ignorance and then teaching us the way to imbibe the virtues – His remembrance.

There is no other way to become pure and imbibe the virtues, He says. And so, given this is the end time in the cycle, you have to make a vow to remember. Make this effort to become pure, else you will experience punishment from your own wrong actions and be deprived from attaining your highest potential.

God comes only once in the entire cycle- at the confluence of the iron and golden age. He comes to transform the old world into new by transforming us from old to new. He becomes available personally to each of us primarily as Our Father, Teacher and Satguru but also in all other relationships – as a Friend, Companion, Beloved. He gives unconditionally all that I need – love, friendship, guidance, direction, companionship. But to access that I need to get to know Him, spend time with Him. He is incorporeal and so I cannot see Him with these physical eyes. I can only understand Him and experience Him through His remembrance.

We think we don’t have time but if we were to reflect on our day, we’d find so many pockets of time that we waste either thinking about, talking about, looking at or minding other people’s business. We even do it online – our screen time is proof.

At this time in the old world, NO ONE can give me what I need. The soul has been waiting and searching for God for half the cycle. Deep within it was the truth that there is Someone that has all the answers, that can give me what I want. He is here now and the soul recognizes Him. Baba says, ‘not everyone recognizes Me. Only a few among a few do’. I am one of them…do I realize how fortunate I am?

Let me not deprive myself of this once in a cycle opportunity to become God’s Companion and experience Him. I am meant to be just like Him- I slipped mid-way through my journey, let me regain my balance again. Let me get out of my own way and once again experience the pure and complete happiness, joy, love and contentment. Let me claim my inheritance and set myself up for success for the new cycle. If I don’t do this now, Baba reminds us, I won’t do it next cycle either.

Make a vow, your entire story of the whole cycle depends on it.

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