Brahmin of the confluence age

Baba says, ‘remember that you are a brahmin of the confluence age‘. Only we children know that this is the confluence age. If we were to even just remember this, we would be so happy, says Baba.

God incarnates in this world in a physical body to meet His children at this auspicious time in the cycle. He comes to remind us of who we are, give us His own introduction and remind us of what we are here to do. He relates to us primarily as our Father, Teacher and Satguru but becomes available in all relationships. We become His helpers in the most elevated task of world transformation – from hell to heaven. All this happens NOW, in this very short window in the cycle as it turns from the final stages of the iron age into the golden age. Per the Drama, God has to come to transform us children to make that turn happen, to usher in the golden age.

Do I spin the cycle in my intellect? Do I see myself playing such an elevated part at the end of the cycle?

Many children think of the confluence age as the confluence of the old and the new, of the iron age and the golden age? But Baba says, this is the beginning of the new cycle. When you become Mine, you start a new life – new thoughts, new words, new attitude, new actions, new relationships…new everything. There should be no trace of the old world, He says. The Confluence, Baba tells us, is the time to experience my most elevated attainments, experience super-sensuous joy, experience the double-lightedness of the angelic stage, sow the seed of greatness for the rest of the cycle.

Do I realize and remain aware of the importance of this time?

I am a brahmin at this confluence age. As a brahmin, I study and then teach others. Baba says, ‘churn this knowledge continually through the day‘. When I do that, I understand it better, receive clarity, am able to imbibe better and also explain to others. Giving my brothers and sisters the true introduction of the Father so that they might claim their rightful inheritance is the most elevated service of this time. I do that through my vision, my face, my words, my behavior and my attitude.

As a brahmin, I am also a ‘yagya rakshak’ (the protector of the sacrificial fire). Baba comes and establishes the gyan yagya (the sacrificial fire of knowledge). In this unlimited yagya, each soul is a log that helps keep the fire burning. Am I, the soul, lit brightly or am I allowing myself to become damp and thereby making my neighboring logs damp too? The way to remain lit is through the fire of remembrance – of the One. In that fire, I swaha (sacrifice) all my defects, my fears, my masks, and all the rest of this old world. That brings peace, happiness, prosperity to me and through me to the world.

Now, let me check, am I confluence age brahmin?

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