Give yourself the tilak

Baba says, ‘give yourself the tilak of sovereignty’. No one else can give you the tilak, only you have to give it to yourself, He says.

I give myself the tilak through my own effort. Baba says, to become a sovereign in the future kingdom, you have to be a self-sovereign here first. There is an easy method for this, says Baba. Simply follow Brahma Baba.

Brahma Baba surrendered through his mind and intellect, let me check if I have done the same. Yes, it is good to donate physical wealth to God’s task where I can but equally, if not more, important is donating the wealth of knowledge that God is giving me now. I do it through my vision, words, face, attitude and behavior. Am I becoming of a child of God?

To be a self-sovereign, I have to first become karmateet (one who is beyond the bondage of action). Am I free from all bondage of karma? in my thoughts, words, attitude or am I still pulled by the physical and corporeal? Am I still attached to certain people and things, ‘my’ idea and ‘my’ role, name and fame?

Baba says, accumulate the power of remembrance to such an extent that you become karmateet, which is to say that I pass with honors. If not, I will have to experience punishment due to my own bad karma.

God only comes at this time, at the confluence, to make me soul conscious from body conscious. He says, ‘consider yourself a soul and remember Me alone’. Let go of the attachment to even your own body and all your bodily relationships. See yourself and everyone else as a soul.

When I can do this naturally and constantly, I am able to give myself the tilak of self-sovereignty which is to say, I attain liberation-in-life. Now, that’s worth making effort for…

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